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3 best websites for online guitar lessons

With the growth of the Internet, new online educational tools are being invented. Now you can get good music lessons online. There are many sites which provide easy guitar classes. Here are the best websites for online guitar lessons.

ArtistWorks Guitar Campus


This website provides lessons on different types of musical skills. These include vocals, drums, bass, etc. You can learn different type of musical styles like metal, bluegrass, dobro and flat-picking. There are six instructors who offer the video lessons. This site is ideal for people who want to expand their musical horizons.



This website features thousands of hours of video lessons. You will see close-up views of instructors playing songs. There are many celebrity instructors in this website. You can have live chats with the instructors. You can get answers to all your questions regarding guitar.

Guitar World


Guitar World helps guitarists learning songs easily. They provide video play-through lessons on their YouTube channel. These videos have close-up views of renowned guitarists playing their songs. This ensures that the guitarists are learning their favorite songs the correct way. You can also get lessons on music techniques.

In the past, if someone was interested in learning how to play guitar, then the only options were personal lessons and books. If you had to learn a song, you had to listen to it on CD and then rewind it over and over again. Now, there are websites that let you isolate guitar track, section of a part that you are unable to learn, or slow it down for you to listen carefully and then repeat it. These are all possible due to technogical advancement. Learning to play guitar is not that hard anymore.

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