Jaded Sun


Frederick BlairJaded Sun printed it’s first issue in 1994. This magazine features stories of great musicians and recording artists, recommended new music and instruments, tips on how to play different instruments and many more. The magazine has been online since 2002.

Jaded Sun addresses the needs of musicians, music tech community and those who love music. The magazine is a great read for producers, songwriters, studio manager, home recordist, and whoever is involved in the music and recording industry. Besides the regular news about artists and instruments, the magazine also features interviews with superstars, behind-the-scene artists like the engineers, producers, song writers, etc. They share their experience on music with us. You can know about the latest musical instruments in the market. Our experts provide a comparative analysis on various products.

We have a very talented group of people working in our magazine. They collect information from various sources and makes sure that the information are genuine. We always try to cover the latest news about the music industry. If you are in the field of music, then you will enjoy reading our magazine. So, please subscribe!

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