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3 Websites For Online Drum Lessons

Learning how to play the drum is certainly a musical skill that you want to have. Unlike before where the resources for drum lessons are scarce, you can just access the Internet for some of the best online drum lessons.

Using online resources, it is now much easier for you to learn the drums across all levels. There are lots of how to articles, video tutorials, tips and other materials.

Here are the best drum lessons that you can find online:

Free Drum Lessons


Launched way back in 2007, Freedrumlessons.com is one of the best online drum lessons that you can find out there. It has an extensive library of video drum lessons that can surely teach you how to play drums. For beginners, they have various lessons like learning how to tune drums, holding the drumstick, how to play the drums and drum set posture among many others. Beginners can learn so many things about drums including theory and notation, rudiments, rock drum lessons, double bass drums and a whole lot more.

The nice thing about the site is that it has free series. But if you want to access premium lessons, you get to have a free 30 day trial to Drumeo Edge.

Drummer World


The Drummer World is truly a world for drummers. Compared to others, this site is home to lots of interesting and very useful resources. The site features a drum clinic where you can access lessons across various groove styles and genre like rock, jazz, gospel, metal,etc.

If you want to look at the videos of some of the music industry’s rock legends, the site has an online library where you can view these videos. They even have golden classic jazz videos.  You can even access drum video lessons starting from the early days to the 1960s to 2000.

To interact with other online users and drummers who use the site, there is an official discussion forum. Participate in various threads and get to learn more about drums and other related topics.

Drum Lessons


Drumlessons.com is also a great resource for drummers who want to learn online. It has a library of online video drum lessons that cover a wide range of topics. Depending on the skill level, you can easily browse the lessons: beginning, intermediate and advanced drummer skill level. When you access the site, you can also try the 2 DVD-based series that offer the best drum lessons. You may also want to subscribe to daily drum lessons. To get to know more about famous drummers, the site has a lot of information of the best drummers including their pictures, videos and biographies.

Learning how to play the drum in today’s times is more interactive, easier and innovative. By using any of these websites and the great resources that they offer, you can learn the different tips, techniques and ways to be a better and more improved drummer.

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